“Every person’s life is a fairytale written by God’s fingers”
-Hans Christian Andersen

I ran across the above quote in my early twenties. When I read these words, I knew I had found the phrase that articulated my worldview perfectly. You see, I’ve always believed in fairytales.

Ever since I was a little girl watching Disney movies and making up songs on my swing set, I’ve known that there was a certain magic at work in the world. I truly believe that the things we see in those time-honored stories- the dragons, the unthinkable tragedy followed by the sweet redemption, the grace, the ugliness, the beauty- all point us to the larger story God is writing for each one of us and for this world.

I don’t know about you, but when I turn to social media for inspiration, I often find instead a fantasy that seems completely unattainable. A lifestyle that requires wealth and status to maintain greets me when all I hope for is a little encouragement right where I am. And…can I tell you a little secret? I don’t even want that fantasy life. I want to see the magic in the mundane, the beauty in the everyday. I want to build a beautiful life resting in what I have instead of striving for more.

So what does my fairytale look like? I’m 28 years old. I live in Lexington, KY with my husband and the fluffiest gray cat you ever did see. I try to see the beauty and the humor in the day to day. I’m an old soul who would rather treasure hunt in a junk shop than go out and buy something brand new. I like things that have lived a life before me. I feel most fulfilled when I am creating things and sharing them with others. This is where I’ll share a glimpse into my real-life fairytale, and try to help you find the beauty in yours.

If you’re here, and you’ve stuck around this long, thank you sincerely for making my dream come true. I think you might have a little magic about you.

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