Positive Entertainment Recommendations

As the Coronavirus has us all quarantined, I wanted to share some entertainment options that always make me smile. For those moments you just need to take your mind off everything. One thing I’ve noticed on social media is people trying to be helpful however they can, and I want to use my blog as a resource for anything I think might be helpful during this time. At the bottom of this post, I’ve linked some other posts that might prove useful while we’re all stuck at home.

• Office Ladies: For fans of “The Office,” Jenna Fisher (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) recap each episode of the show and share behind-the-scenes info and observations. It’s very upbeat and frequently features guest stars from the cast and crew.
• Stuff You Missed in History Class: Delve into lesser-known historical figures and tidbits.
• Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: I don’t subscribe to Oprah’s entire worldview, but these conversations are interesting and engaging. What I like most about this series is she allows the subject to tell their own story instead of interrupting them with lots of questions.
• Off Camera with Sam Jones: Host Sam Jones interviews actors and musicians about their careers and personal lives. These interviews are thoughtful and more intellectual than your average celebrity interview.
• Lore: Spooky folk tales are woven together into thematic episodes that build to a goosebump-inducing conclusion. This show makes me think of a radio broadcast families might have gathered around to listen to back in the day. Some may find the subject matter scary, but I personally think it is a fun type of scared.

Celebrity Instagram Accounts

• Jennifer Garner: Jen (nickname basis, obviously) shares simple, kid-approved recipes, wholesome humor, and her work with Save the Children which often includes links to donate to specific needs. Right now she is using a hashtag to give a platform to people whose performances have been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
• Reese Witherspoon: Great book recs, cute dog content, and sweet moments with her kids. Reese Witherspoon exudes joy and her Instagram account does, too.
• Mindy Kaling: fun fashion inspo, cute reviews of food and products, and she highlights other female Indian business women you might not otherwise hear about.
• Drew Barrymore: Drew Barrymore has to be one of my favorite celebrities. Her Instagram is full of beauty recommendations and realness on all things motherhood, womanhood, and creativity.
• The Home Edit: Home organization inspo and productivity motivation for this time when we are all stuck in our homes.


• Binge-able TV:
o Brooklyn 99
o Seinfeld
o The Golden Girls
o The Goldbergs
o Scrubs

• Feel Good Movies:
o Fun With Dick and Jane: In times of quarantine I recommend viewing as many Jim Carrey performances as possible.
o Leap Year: a satisfyingly formulaic rom-com starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode and filmed in Ireland. Emotionally and aesthetically pleasing if not intellectually stimulating.
o Hitch: I think we’ve probably all seen this one several times, but the jet ski scene still makes me laugh.
o The Prince of Egypt: This is a random suggestion, but Hulu’s movie selection is kind of weak. This animated re-telling of the story of Moses is not to be slept on, and the soundtrack did not have to go THAT hard.


• Clean stand-up comedians:
o Brian Regan
o Jim Gaffigan
o Nate Bargatze
o Jeff Foxworthy
o Ellen Degeneres

• Binge-able TV:
o The Andy Griffith Show
o Parks and Recreation
o The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
o New Girl
o The Crown
o Gilmore Girls

• Feel Good Movies:
o He’s Just Not That Into You
o Valentine’s Day
o To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before & P.S. I Still Love You
o Christopher Robin

• Binge-able TV:
o Lizzie McGuire & The Lizzie McGuire movie
o Even Stevens & The Even Stevens movie

• Feel Good Movies:
o Never Been Kissed
o Secretariat
o Waking Sleeping Beauty

o Disney Through the Decades search feature: Use this feature under the search tab to explore the feature films from Disney Studios throughout history. Share your favorites with your family and watch gorgeous hand-drawn animation from its infancy. In an era when we are inundated with computer animation, these works of art are a feast for the senses.

Obviously, it’s important to do more than just sit around watching TV or being on our phones. I do think we need to take moments to turn our brains off a little bit, though. Hopefully these suggestions will provide a little mental respite. Here are other posts that might prove helpful:






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