Preparing my Simplified Planner

Preparing my Simplified Planner: a Fresh Start for the New Year

Who doesn’t love a fresh start? I get so excited when I have a brand new notebook or planner to write in. It feels like those pages are just waiting to be filled! This is my first year using a Simplified Planner, and I wanted to give you a little peek inside. I’m also sharing the things I do each January to feel like I have a fresh start in the new year.


The Simplified Planner

What attracted me to the Simplified planner was its minimalism. I liked using stickers and things in my last planner because it made sitting down to fill it out feel like less of a chore, but a little of that went a long way. I also love the fact that every day has its own page, so you get a fresh start! I like that it has a hard cover, too, as I’ve found that plastic covers on other planners break. I chose the calendar year daily edition since I’m no longer a student and Andrew finishes school (forever!) in May. They also have weekly editions if you want your whole week on the same page. I went with the watercolor floral because it’s whimsical and feminine. They have a variety of designs if floral isn’t your thing!



Preparing my Planner

This year, the Simplified Planners come with “prep work” in the front. These pages allow you to reflect on what worked and didn’t work last year, routines and habits you want to implement, and priorities for the year. I think it’s important to take time to reflect at the end of the year, and the prep work was perfect for that. After reflecting on 2018 and looking ahead to 2019, I put in dates from my perpetual calendar. A perpetual calendar consists of the dates you need to remember that stay the same every year, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Using my Planner

Once important dates are put in for the year, I use my planner one month at a time. I try not to look too far ahead other than to add dates as they get scheduled. Each Sunday I sit down with my planner and get my mind around the week. The Simplified Planner also has a list of prep tasks to help you get ready for the week ahead, and you are encouraged to add to that list with whatever helps you. I love being able to look at each day as both a schedule and a to-do list, and I get my planner out at least once a day to check in and make sure I’m on track to accomplish my most important tasks.

A Fresh Start

In addition to preparing my planner, I have some little rituals that help me feel ready for a fresh start in the new year. I always write down the biggest moments of the year, as well as the biggest ways I grew as a person. I also like to go out and buy a new devotional and journal to start the year off right. Closure is really important to me, so taking the time to be reflective on the past year as well as intentional about the year ahead makes me feel grounded and excited for what a new year will bring!

Let me know if you have any questions about the Simplified Planner. What are things you like to do as you end one year and start another? For those of you who have a Simplified Planner, how do you like to use your planner? Let me know in comments here or on Instagram!


2 thoughts on “Preparing my Simplified Planner

  1. Mitchell and I have a box of files where we keep all of our important documents (health insurance info, home loan info, tax info, birth certificates, etc). At the end of every year I go through that box and shred anything that needs to be shredded and re organize a little (for example: this year we started sponsoring a child in South America, so I added a file for all of the info we receive from him). This is such an adult task and it’s not fun at all, but it’s kind of necessary.


  2. That’s a great idea! We have a filing system and it’s so helpful to know where those important papers are when you need them. Re-organizing at the end of the year is really smart!


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